In Copernico, customer attention is always at the top. This happens, for example, by committing ourselves to constantly create work environments that distinguish us on the market and that are able to transform the workplace into an incredible and rich professional experience.

We offer spaces designed around the needs of professionals and companies, of people who work every day and require a space that meets their needs and not vice versa.

A priority part of the experience we offer includes the utmost attention to cleanliness and hygiene: by taking care of our environments, in fact, we take care of our customers.

It is a priority that is based on rigorous procedures relating to cleaning and sanitization.

The standards that we systematically put in place in our centers are as follows:

- we use chlorine or alcohol-based detergents for cleaning surfaces (this point, also required by the decalogue of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, is a constant practice for us);

- we have positioned special dispensers containing hand-washing disinfectant gel, freely available;

- we periodically sanitize the areas with the highest turnout in all the buildings through ozone machines: welcome, entrance, lounge, and library, meeting rooms, food areas, lift landings;

- we ask our partners for maximum diligence in carrying out the cleaning and sanitizing activities of the rooms and surfaces;

- we support knowledge of the rules issued by the competent bodies, through the available brochure and cards of the main health protection rules.

This is a high level of attention, which obviously does not replace the essential precautions required by the authorities, which we always invite you to follow.